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Eva Mendes: I'm kind of strange
Miami - Beautiful model-turned actress Eva Mendes is a star on the rise and her profile will certainly be heightened as the female lead opposite heartthrob Paul Walker in The Fast and the Furious 2.
Born in Miami, the youngest of four children, Eva and her family would later move to Los Angeles. She started her acting career taking a role in her first feature film, 1998’s Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, as a summer job while she was attending college at Cal State Northridge.
She was discovered because her neighbor, a photographer, had her photo in his portfolio and it caught the eye of an agent. Before her first acting role Eva was uncertain about her future. However, with her first feature under her belt she decided to drop out of college and pursued acting full-time.
Soon after Mendes received small roles in commercials, music videos (Aerosmith''s Hole in My Sole video & Will Smith''s Miami video), and television (ER). Eva has also been cast in several feature films over the years such as Urban Legends: Final Cut, Training Day, All About the Benjamins and will be seen in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez film Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Out of Time and has starred in The Fast and the Furious 2. Read the interview
Avril Lavigne: The Teen-Pop Slayer
Britney Spears set the model for teens who top the charts: Flash lots of cleavage, but be devout and polite. Then there's the Avril Lavigne style, more rock-delinquent than childish virgin-whore: "The other night, I got into three fights," says Lavigne. "I was at a club and some girl was giving me attitude. When folks are drinking, they get mouthy. She pushed me, and I got her down on the floor. Security came, and because I was on top, they threw me out." Read More
Cameron Diaz In Time Tunnel
Cover Story, July 1990 Seventeen Magazine
HOME Cameron lives in Long Beach, California.
AGE 17
HER START "At a party in Los Angeles I met a photographer who suggested I try modeling. My parents were really supportive - they've kept me going ever since."
FREE TIME "I love sports .. probably because I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of boys. My idea of fun is a wild, anything goes game of football." Read More

TATU: Girls Talk
I, Julia Volkova, and I, Elena Katina, admit, that being under drinking age, we have been persuaded to take part in the girl-band called Tattoo by band’s future producer Ivan Shapovalov.
As far as we know, before this band was made, Ivan Shapovalov never had anything to do with music business. He used to make TV commercials and do all kinds of advertising activities. Read More
50 Cent in Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Exclusive Interview
50 Cent Talks About the Movie
There are a lot of stereotypes about rappers out there. The thug life, the guns, the drugs, the women… Love it or leave it, 50 Cent has seen a lot for a 29-year-old man. You may not agree with everything he says in his raps or in interviews, but he's still undeniably compelling.
If you've read about "50," as he is referred to by his seemingly endless entourage, you've already heard the stories. Born Curtis Jackson, there was the drug-dealing youth in Jamaica Queens, the death of his mother when he was only 8 years old and the shooting that nearly took his life just as his first album was set for release. Read the Interview
Introducing Dreams
What do your dreams mean? No two dreams are ever exactly the same. You may dream of the same thing, but each repeated dream is unique in its own way. The dream state is a place for us to relax and a place for us to receive messages. It is also a state of being where the real self, known as the subconscious, is able to reveal and relate to the conscious mind.
In ancient times, dreams were used as a method of focusing on present and future situations. The people that took the warning that their dreams where foretelling, would make changes in their state of affairs to avoid possible disaster, or if they where good dreams would continue to strive, anticipating good things to come. Go to Dreams Central
Dream Dictionary
Is Astrology a Science?
The first thing that the would-be astrologer should do is discard the idea that all forms of astrology is superstition mingled with the paranormal which can only be understood by mystics steeped in occult lore. Today, some astrology is presented this way, but this is not true "traditional astrology".
Did you know that Astrology was considered science in man's early history? And some still do,with good reason (you will find out why later). Also until just a short time ago it was considered the same as astronomy, an extension of it if you will, and uses the same tables as do the astronomer and the navigator. Read more articles
Sex Dreams
What Do Your Sex Dreams Mean?
Experts reveal the symbolism of your five most common romantic reveries -- and more.
If your dreams sometimes leave you dazed and confused, you're not alone. The good news is that usually there's more than meets the eye. Sexual dreams should not be immediately interpreted as expressions of desire. Read More

Turkish Beauties
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